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How Does A Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Work?

We have heard of different teeth whitening brands advertise their products as the best or the most effective in removing teeth stains and making your teeth sparkly clean. But how do these teeth whitening toothpaste products work? Are they really effective and safe?


Teeth whitening

Have you noticed how commercials and TV ads emphasize the fact that having radiantly white teeth makes your smile look even more attractive? Well, common sense would back that up; having white teeth shows cleanliness and is a sign of having good dental health. These alone would be enough to conclude that you need to have whiter teeth to stand out. But we must admit that as we age, our teeth can really lose their shine and get stains from what we eat and drink. This is where different dental manufacturers come up with their own teeth whitening products, including the most affordable type, the teeth whitening toothpaste.


How does a teeth whitening toothpaste work?

A teeth whitening toothpaste is not much different from other toothpaste brands. They all clean the surface of the teeth and help freshen our breath. Truthfully, all kinds of toothpaste contain mild abrasives that help scrape off mild and superficial stains. However, what makes a teeth whitening toothpaste stand out and live up to its name is the fact that it contains certain chemicals that are more aggressive in scrubbing the tooth enamel. The result is having undeniably whiter teeth in a matter of weeks.

A teeth whitening toothpaste contains at least one of these chemicals to polish your teeth and make it a shade lighter:

teeth whitening
  • Abrasives like magnesium carbonate, hydrated aluminum oxide, or calcium carbonate.
  • Hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching agent
  • Carbamide peroxide, also a bleaching agent that when broken down, turns to hydrogen peroxide as well

These three ingredients are also present in professional teeth whitening brands and products, the ones that your dentist uses when performing in-office teeth whitening procedures. However, because the use of these over-the-counter tubes of teeth whitening toothpaste cannot be supervised by a dental professional, a milder amount of whitening agents are used to ensure consumer safety.


Reminders when using teeth whitening toothpaste

Follow the product instructions. If it indicates that it is safe to use daily, you may do so as long as the right amount of toothpaste is used as well.

Watch out for tooth sensitivity. Some users might complain of tooth sensitivity when using teeth whitening products (toothpaste, gels, strips, etc.) containing peroxides. Apart from strictly following the instructions of the product, try using the whitening toothpaste in an alternate pattern with your regular toothpaste.

Choose a legit product. If you are taking into consideration the use of a teeth whitening toothpaste, make sure to choose the product that has a seal of approval from a trustworthy dental organization, like the American Dental Association. This will surely guarantee the safety and efficiency of the product.

Consult your dentist. There are so many whitening toothpaste brands already out in the market, so it is harder to choose which is best. Get the approval and recommendation of your dentist so you can be sure that what you will use is compatible and suitable to your needs and preference.

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