dental implant removal procedure
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Removing Dental Implants

These days dental implants is a normal thing that is universally accepted in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Although in some scenarios, complications may arise which may require an implant to be removed. Often, the dental implant procedure is a relatively safe and secure process, when carried out by an experienced professional. Although the nature of complication depends on the condition, due to the reason that other implants fully integrate with human bone, and may end up may causing a severe trauma if not handled properly.

In some situation, implants need to be extracted completely, in case it fails, this is necessary to prevent further damage. Dental implants usually fail when the transplant get infected or when it is not compatible with the host. There are two main types of implant failure. Early failure, this occurred during the first months after surgical placement. The other guy is the Late failure; it happens one year after. This may be because of an infection, or a lot of force is exerted on the implant.

Normally there exist two cases where dental implant removal procedure is required. In both scenarios, the removal procedure is the same as that of a normal surgical procedure. Because a patient will be subjected to anesthesia, then the specialist will use appropriate medical tools to perform the procedure. These tools must be sterilized to kill disease-causing micro-organisms.

Tools that the specialist, utilize to remove the implant work the same way, just like the screw together with a screwdriver. This tool is suitable for the groove the implant. Before the specialist removes the implant, he/she will drill the bone surrounding the implant, to extract it safely. Before booking an appointment with a doctor to get your implant removed, it is good to ensure that your doctor is well trained and experienced.

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