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Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the process of keeping your teeth clean and healthy. By performing this type of dentistry, you can prevent problems, such as gum disease, wear, and tear of the enamel and cavities. Preventative dentistry also involves making regular visits to the dentist. It is specialized in the dental care and treatment of teeth and gums and taking care of mouth tissue to ensure that there are no unwanted bacteria that can cause infections.

Activities involved in preventive dentistry include:

Brushing your teeth after every meal

This is the most straightforward activity to perform in preventive dentistry. You can do it at your home, at school or even at the office using fluoride toothpaste. In addition to that, you should replace your toothbrushes every three months. While brushing your teeth, also brush your tongue because it’s an ideal location for harmful bacteria to hide and multiply.

flossing of teethFloss daily

Flossing gets rid of any food particles that could be stuck in the spaces between your teeth. You should always ensure that you are flossing the right way. An Advanced Dental Care dentist in Dubbo, NSW can guide you on the proper method to use. If you have braces, you have to put resources into some floss threaders to help you to get between the metal sections.

Eat healthily

One of the activities that you should perform is to eat food and fruit that provides you with nutrients which are excellent for your teeth. A significant factor in this activity is to limit the amount of sugar that you consume. Ensure that you take plenty of water throughout your day. Fruits are a great source of vitamins that are good for your teeth.

Visit your dentist

It is highly essential to go and visit your Harris Dental Boutique dentis near Bundaberg at least once every year. They can perform a specialized examination to analyze your teeth for any problems. They also check your gums to ensure that they are healthy. The dentist can also clean your teeth during these visits to get rid of any plaque and tartar that could have accumulated.

By performing these activities with dedication, you can achieve effective preventive dentistry. It is better to prevent dental problems than to treat them. Maintaining high dental hygiene protects you from cavities, gingivitis, and even bad breath. It is an important concept to adopt for adults and children too.

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