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Is the Face Lift Dentistry Cost Worth Every Penny?

Facelift dentistry is a huge part of cosmetic dentistry that aims to provide non-invasive solutions to improve your dental health and appearance respectively. Its main objective to revitalize the patient’s aesthetics through bite reconstruction procedures. Facelift dentistry cost starts from $6,000 and could go as high as $30,000. Services like lip fillers can also be one in a dental clinic and are often recommended by patients who underwent facelift dentistry.

Understanding Facelift Dentistry

You are probably wondering what facelift dentistry means and what exactly is its role in the dental field. For starters, this is a modern method used by cosmetic dentists to give their patients a younger-looking appearance. The procedure aims to help an individual become more confident by using strategies that will improve the shape of their face, correct their overbites and underbites, and enhance their overall facial aesthetics without compromising their dental health.

Cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of services to improve appearance through dental procedures. In these modern days, they even offer Botox and wrinkles injections for facial modifications. But unlike these 2, the facelift procedures that dentists offer are non-invasive, practically safe, and provides better results. The only downside is that these treatments cost quite high and might be too expensive.

How Does Dental Facelift Work

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Have you noticed the difference in the appearance of the teeth visibility of young individuals and older ones? When young people speak or smile, it’s easy to see their teeth and the distinct shape of their face and mouth. On the contrary, it’s the exact opposite for older people. The gap between their upper lip and nose are thinning, and the appearance of their jaws is starting to decline. That is the reason why facelift dentistry exists, to remove and eliminate the signs of aging and restore the natural look of the patient. They do this without surgery making it look extremely innate.

The approach that cosmetic dentistry use is very comprehensive and contemporary making facelift one of the most expensive and high-cost beautification procedures nowadays.


Depending on your dental condition, undergoing facelift dentistry can present a number of advantages that you can truly enjoy. Aside from feeling and looking younger, you will also appreciate the following benefits:

  • Fuller lips due to higher tooth volume
  • Corrected overbite and underbite
  • Teeth whitening procedures can remove the stains from your teeth
  • Improved speech due to corrected teeth alignment
  • Chewing problems will be resolved
  • Saggy cheeks will be lifted
  • Wrinkle visibility will be reduced

Facelift dentistry is not all about the improvement of the looks, in addition to your youthful-looking face, your oral and dental health will significantly improve as well. If you have any dental concerns, do not hesitate to consult your dentist during your initial checkups and facial assessments. Cosmetic dentists highly believe that aesthetics and dental health are equally important in any way.

Are You Qualified

Even though the procedure is mainly for eliminating the signs of aging, facelift dentistry can be beneficial for almost everyone. You can be a qualified candidate for facelift dentistry if you have issues with the shape, color, and size of your teeth. If you want to fix your thinning lips, saggy facial skin, and deep creases, then this is the most reliable treatment for you. It can give you extraordinary results without you having to go under surgery and knife cuts.

Your dentist can create a customized dental facelift plan according to your personal needs so there is nothing else to worry about.

Moreover, since the procedure is noninvasive and nonsurgical, there will be no need for you to skip your work since there is basically no recovery time needed. You will immediately see the results of the facelift right after the treatment and it can last for a very long period of time.

Cost And Expenses Of Facelift Dentistry

There is no accurate amount for facelift procedures because certain expenses will be added to your bill afterward. The actual cost of the procedure will vary according to the treatments that you will receive plus the associated expenses that you need to pay.

To sum things up, you need to prepare a budget for the cost of the following:

  1. anesthetic fees
  2. payment for the dentist
  3. dental clinic fees
  4. cost of extra tools needed
  5. checkup
  6. X-ray examination
  7. laboratory tests, if needed

Unfortunately, since facelift dentistry is under the category of cosmetics, it is commonly not covered by dental and health insurance policies. You will have to pay for each service with your own money. On the brighter side, the astounding results will definitely surprise you making it worth every penny you spent.

Other Kinds of Cosmetic Dentistry

To fully appreciate your newly improved looks, you may also opt to try these dental cosmetic procedures:

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  • Teeth whitening treatments. Professional teeth whitening procedures are the best way to remove the stains in your teeth and reveal the brighter shade underneath.
  • Dental bonding. This treatment is recommended for people with cracked or chipped teeth.
  • Veneers. For optimum results, you can also hide the imperfections of your teeth with veneers. Although the cost can be quite high as well.
  • Braces. Adults can get braces too! Braces are commonly used by adults to correct their teeth misalignment.
  • Abrasion. This is another treatment for teeth discoloration. Compared to over the counter teeth whitening kits, enamel abrasion is much more effective and practical.

The cost and expenses of dental cosmetics do not come cheap. That is because dentists do not use cheap devices and tools in executing the procedure.

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