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Everything You Need To Know About Dental Face Lift

Knowing what a dental face lift is will encourage you to have the procedure. After all, non-surgical treatments have become even more popular this year. In fact, when you go to this website, you will know the different reasons for this method. Find out more about face lift dentistry and its excellent way to improve your overall facial look. Consult the dentists from Parramatta Green Dental if you need to talk to an experienced dentist.

What is Face Lift Dentistry?

Face Lift Dentistry is a unique non-surgical and non-invasive procedure used to improve dental health. This method improves TMJ function and rejuvenates the patient’s facial structure through state-of-the-art dental restoration and bite correction. Also, it is a unique, comprehensive method used to:

The patient gets a dental face lift.
  •     enhance the shape of the face
  •     improve the jawline and facial profile
  •     correct overbites, underbites, and other forms of bad bites


Furthermore, the Dental Facelift improves your face, jawline, and health with JawTrac to find the most proper jaw position. VENLAY Restorations are porcelain layers placed over the patient’s healthy teeth to create an appropriate bite and establish the correct jaw position. The miracle of this technique is that the dentist can complete this restoration without cutting down healthy teeth. The other procedures will penetrate away your healthy teeth and still not create a result similar to a dental facelift. In any case, know that it is a non-surgical facelift that does not depend on facial fillers, chin implants, braces, or Invisalign. You can get the result in just a couple of visits.

Qualified Candidate for Face Lift Dentistry

Generally, the most qualified candidate for the face lift dentistry method is those older than 14 years. Adults patients love this procedure since it is undeniably less excruciating, has less danger, and is much simpler and quicker to get.

The miracle of this strategy is that none of your healthy teeth must be ground down into little pegs. The treatment is a lot quicker and significantly less excruciating, and the restorations are excellent. In addition, younger patients would now have bite correction without the dangers of jaw surgery trailed by long periods of braces and the risks and pain of getting all of the teeth filed down for dental veneers.

The Importance of the Proper Jaw Position

You can directly identify the quality of life with the importance of the proper jaw position. An appropriate TMJ function, jaw position, and bite affect your facial structures, sleeping problems, how fast you age, and your airway passage. Therefore, an optimally working TMJ and bite can help us live comfortably, breathe better, and have a more youthful, vibrant appearance.

Face Lift Dentistry Method: What To Expect?

The method in Dental Facelift gives a non-surgical facelift as it enhances your jawline and jaw position by fixing the bite with better physical function. Also, the cosmetic benefits to the facial proportions and jawline are huge. Individuals with the new jaw position seem better and healthier than those with bad bites. The cosmetic dentist will attach the VENLAY Restoration to your natural teeth. This treatment provides cosmetic benefits that dental porcelain veneers cannot give. Additionally, VENLAY Restorations support your lips and face. They enhance your facial profile and lessen that premature aging by providing a solid structure that upholds your entire face.

Most doctors are advertising the non-surgical facelift. However, in reality, they inject your face with facial fillers that can have an adverse long-term impact on your skin and face. With this procedure, patients can get solid facial support from their teeth and jaw. You cannot work on the shape of your face with facial fillers as much similarly as with this exclusive bite correction technique.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Without Dermal Fillers or Botox

People with straight teeth and profound overbites have short round faces. They will encounter facial collapse and age prematurely, all because of a bad bite. Fortunately, they can get treatment without surgery that is literally painless because all of their regular teeth are still intact.

Once the dentist restores your teeth into proper position, your teeth and jaw will work in harmony. However, suppose you do not get treatment to correct your bite. In that case, you will experience sleeping problems, headaches, aging, and neck tension.

Moreover, you will no longer reap the effects of facial collapse since the dentist corrects the bite and improves the jaw position. Traditional techniques are invasive and risky and can damage the jaw when you go through hours in the dental chair and have your teeth drilled down to minor stakes.

Anti-Aging Dentistry that Reverses Facial Collapse

Visiting anti-aging dentistry that reverses facial collapse enhances the quality of your first impression. As you age, your face becomes more limited because the bite wears out, making a face shorter. In addition, uneven bite and misaligned jaw can make your chin appear smaller, and your face looks older.

Furthermore, the Dental Facelift optimizes the men’s jaw and face to help them get the masculine chiseled jawline. This method also reverses facial collapse and improves patients’ health and appearance without jaw surgery.

Anti-Aging Dentistry and the Face Lift Dentistry Method

Not all anti-aging methods can provide health benefits that anti-aging dentistry with the Face Lift Dentistry make. These combinations can optimize your health and appearance.

After mentioning repeatedly, a deep overbite that has worn down over the years can make people look older than they should. Luckily, anti-aging dentistry with the Face Lift Dentistry can help improve your appearance and quality of life.

The Benefits of Dental Face Lift Method

Most people think of injections, pain, braces, surgery, and drilling when they think of dentistry.  However, the valuable benefits of the Face Lift Dentistry method include:

The patient has a successful dental surgery.
  •     no filling down of natural teeth
  •     no braces for bite correction
  •     do not need a surgical procedure
  •     lastly, get the result in a matter of weeks instead of years with the old risky surgical procedure


Imagine having the correct bite that outperforms dental porcelain veneers and traditional cosmetic dentistry. This is the new period of high technology that harmonizes your bite to your TMJ, saves your teeth, and transforms your appearance.  To summarize, the health benefits of the non-surgical face lift include:

Body Health

Once the teeth and jaw work in harmony, the body encounters less strain on the head and neck. Patients report fewer migraines, less jaw pressure and pain, and less tooth grinding brought about by stress. Additionally, any chronic infections resulting from past dental treatments are disposed of.

Emotional Health

When patients realize they put their best self forward and feel physically better, their emotional health and physical health will improve. Individuals are hesitant to seek opportunities, go to social events, and completely associate when they feel they do not look great. They are considerably more improbable to take part in everything life offers when experiencing chronic pain and secondary health issues. These conditions can reduce a person’s self-esteem. Luckily, all of that vanishes with a dental face lift. It helps restore the patient’s sense of wellbeing and boost confidence in life.

Physical Health

The physical benefits of this method are it helps patients to sleep better, breath better, feel better with less pressure in the neck and head region. Face Lift Dentistry does marvelous things for how the patient appears, yet it also boosts how they feel. You can ask SLDC Pyrmont’s dental team regarding this procedure if you’re interested.



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