cost of wisdom tooth extraction
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Cost of Wisdom Tooth Extraction and More

There have been a lot of cases on individuals where their wisdom tooth or the third molar has caused complication in the oral cavity. But what actually is its function? What is the cost of getting your wisdom tooth removed and what are the possible issues once they are extracted?

Why Is It Called a “Wisdom” Tooth?

In the 1600s, it was originally referred to as the “teeth of wisdom”. Later in 1848, it was called “wisdom” tooth. Molars don’t erupt right away unlike the other permanent teeth. Commonly, they grow when the person is between 17 and 24 years of age.

Factors and Cost of Wisdom Tooth Extraction You Need to Know

It’s very common for a person to be anxious when the dentist highly recommends for the tooth to be taken out. Aside from the cost of wisdom tooth extraction, the possible side effects would also be considered.

How painful will it be, before and after the procedure? How long is the procedure? Is it expensive?

These are the three top questions when talking about wisdom tooth extraction.

An anesthesia will be administered upon removal of the wisdom tooth. It can either be local or general, depending on the patient’s comfort level.

Local anesthesia only numbs the mouth area while keeping the patient awake for the entire procedure. On the other hand, general anesthesia sedates the patient. If you’ll be under general anesthesia, make sure you’re accompanied by someone who’ll safely take you home after the dental procedure.

The procedure is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. Expect some temporary discomfort for a few days. After a few weeks, it is to be expected that your oral cavity will be fully recovered.

Cost and Insurance

Most individuals who hesitate to undergo wisdom tooth removal is due to the cost. Based on statistics, the cost of extracting a properly positioned wisdom tooth ranges from $75 to $200 while it can reach to as much as $800 if the patient wants all four removed.

However, if the wisdom tooth is impacted, the cost would be higher, ranging between $225 and $600. If general anesthesia is administered, the highest cost would approximately be $800.

With regards to insurance, the company would usually cover half of the expenses if the procedure is medically necessary. There are also other companies who’ll guarantee to cover around $1000 to $1500 of the total expenses. But just to be sure, it’s always best to recheck your policy to verify if the procedure can be insured and how much can be covered.

Is It Necessary to Have All Wisdom Tooth Extracted?

Normally, deciding to remove all four wisdom teeth would be the patient’s decision considering there aren’t any possible complications involved. As per website, the advantage of removing the four in one procedure is that there will only be one administration of anesthesia.

The duration of the recovery period is usually the same whether one wisdom tooth or all four will be extracted. To prevent other oral health problems, always follow the instructions given by the dentist. You can visit the website for more info.

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