The woman received a dental makeover.
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What Are Important Things You Need To Know About Teeth Makeover?

What is the procedure involved in teeth makeover? What other facial features that teeth makeover can improve? Our teeth are an important aspect of representing ourselves in daily life. It gives pleasure when we eat the food we like. It also provides us with a connection by sharing our laughs and ideas with others. But if you have dental problems, all of these are hard to accomplish. This team of dentists in Sydney CBD are experts in giving smile makeovers. You can check out their website and schedule an appointment.

tooth whitening treatments
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5 Tooth Whitening Treatments You Need To Know

Because having white teeth is now part of the equation in searching for the criteria of a beautiful face, more and more people are getting interested in tooth whitening treatments. This fact makes dental manufacturers create different tooth whitening treatments and procedures that would cater to different needs and preferences of the public. Here are some of the available methods that we can choose from to make sure that we achieve that radiantly white smile.