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Basic Restorative Dental Options For Missing Teeth

When addressing concerns such as replacements for missing teeth, restorative dentistry is the first thing that should look into. In this category, many essential restorative dental treatments can help bring back your youthful smile. Whether you need dental repairs for your tooth decay or replace missing teeth due to root canal, restorative dentistry provides various options for restoring teeth. The dentists from MLD Burwood can help provide more options to you. Just contact them by clicking on the link.

Basic Restorative Dental Services

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Restorative dentistry encapsulates a variety of therapeutic approaches that will help regain your teeth’ health and function. It is a delicate branch of dentistry that goes beyond preventive services. 

Typically, restorative dentistry comes into play when structural damages happen. These situations often take place following intensive dental treatments involving tooth removal. More so, primary restorative dentistry function as a cosmetic specialisation by helping improve a patient’s dental appearance.

What Procedures Does Restorative Dentistry Offer?

As its name implies, restorative dentistry is the act of repairing the form and function of a patient’s oral structure. Either because of damaged or diseased teeth, dental restoration can vary from one person to the next. In general, restorative practices include several procedures, including the following:

Dental Filling

A dental filling consists of artificial substances placed in holes and gaps of a broken or decayed tooth. It helps restore the stability and shape of the teeth. Furthermore, it helps prevent enamel exposure which puts an end to further damages and erosion of the teeth. 

A restorative dentist might suggest a dental filling for the early stages of tooth decay. However, this treatment option is only possible if the holes in your enamel do not reach the inner pulp of your teeth. 

Dental Crowns

On the other hand, a dental crown is a metal or porcelain material that helps restore and improve tooth appearance. It is a tooth-shaped cap that resembles a natural tooth. The dentist places it over the chipped and cracked tooth, which serves as a replacement and additional protection.

Aside from cosmetic modification, a dentist uses a dental crown to support a weak tooth. It helps hold the tooth in place and prevents progressing into decay.

Dental Inlays

Like a dental filling, a dental inlay is a pre-moulded structure that fits into the problematic grooves of your tooth. It is a standard restoration procedure for cavities in the centre of your tooth. Dental inlays are the first choice for unprogressive tooth decays. 

Some patients choose dental inlays because it often resembles a natural tooth colour. Because of porcelain and composite resin, they provide an almost invisible restoration and more durable than a regular dental filling.

Dental Bridges

If you happen to be missing a set of teeth, perhaps you might opt for a dental bridge. A dental bridge is a major restorative procedure that can help restore missing teeth. With the help of a false tooth, a dentist will place a dental bridge between the gaps.  

Dental professionals often suggest dental bridge following a root canal procedure. Aside from aesthetically blending with natural teeth, it is less expensive than other restoration treatments.

Dental Implants

If you are looking for a long-term solution for your missing teeth, you should opt for dental implants. As the most popular dental treatment, many people choose dental implants as an adjunct to root canal. It provides a solid foundation to restore your dental structure because it replaces your missing tooth from its roots. 

A dental implant is a right choice if you want to replace your teeth permanently. As it closely resembles a natural tooth, it will also function similarly. 

Advantages of Restorative Treatments

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Some people may choose not to replace missing teeth. But it is crucial to know that without dental restoration, there are many benefits that you will be missing out on. 

Here are the reasons why you should consider dental restoration:

  • Improved appearance. When we smile, our teeth are the first things that anyone will notice. Having chipped, cracked, and missing teeth can appear unappealing. Dental restoration will help you improve your appearance, bringing back your youthful smile.
  • Increased comfort. Structural problems can lead to severe oral concerns and eventually affect your overall health. Aside from being visually unappealing, it can cause difficulties in function and lead to discomfort. With the help of restorative dentistry, you can regain your dental strength that will help ease your daily activities. 
  • Convenience. Basic restorative dental care provides convenience to patients. Skipping restoration procedures means you are allowing yourself to remain at risk for unwanted oral concerns. For example, after a root canal treatment, dental restoration helps protect your teeth from being exposed to infection. Without it, you are putting yourself at the likelihood of getting reinfection. This possibility will eventually take a toll on your oral health. Restorative dental care helps patients regain their oral health, preventing them from taking several trips to the dentist. 

Expectations for Restorative Dental Procedures

Depending on the severity of your condition, a dental restoration procedure may vary. Primary restorative dental care involves a patient-centred treatment plan. A professional dental specialist considers individual oral health needs, which means every treatment process is unique. 

How quickly your restoration treatment entirely relies on your condition. Minor procedures can take only one session to complete, whereas severe conditions might require extra visits. Nonetheless, you can expect to achieve quick results as every restoration process guarantees an efficient treatment. 

The above only shows few expectations that restorative dental care can offer, and the rest are for you to find out.

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