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Common Mistakes to Avoid to Make All on Four Dental Implants Cost Worth It

An All-on-4 dental can be a great procedure, but can be complex as well. Before you decide to go for it, ask yourself – what exactly are you looking for? Doing enough research such as mistakes you should avoid can make the all on four dental implants cost worth it. As we all know, the cost of getting dental implants is not budget-friendly.

To make sure that you know something about procedure, here are some common mistakes you should avoid.

Getting an inexperienced dentist

There’s a big difference between being able to perform the procedure, and being able to do it well.

wondering about the all on four dental implants cost

All on 4 is becoming very marketable. This means a lot of new dentists who are looking to start a profitable career are getting trained in the process early on. Even more experienced dentists who have little experience with oral surgeries are trying to get in on the practice.

Every surgery has risks that present unique, unexpected challenges, even for well-trained surgeons. If the person performing the procedure isn’t experienced, you’re at risk for complications.

Not considering if you’re qualified for the procedure

While this implant is an amazing tool for many people, restoring an entire arch of teeth on 4 implants is not always the best option.

Tips for getting the right full arch implant procedure for your needs:

  • Be wary of dentists who offer this procedure as a one-size-fits-all. Age, bone type, and lifestyle goals can all play a part in determining the most suitable treatment type for you. If your dentist isn’t taking these into account, you’re not getting the best treatment possible.
  • Ask your dentist if you’re suitable for six or more implants per arch. An experienced dentist will give you an honest answer, and be able to explain why you are or aren’t suitable for a procedure.
  • Always get a second opinion. If you’re unsure you’re getting the best treatment suggestion, double check with other experienced dentists. While they may all have their own different individual approaches, they should agree on the type of implant process that’s right for you.

Assuming that everyone is suitable the procedure

As mentioned, this procedure is not always the best option for all cases. The truth is — there are fairly limited criteria where it’s truly the best option:

  • You have sufficient bone in your front jawbone.
  • You don’t have good bone in your molar area.
  • You’re looking to get immediate load implants.

Since this procedure is anchoring an entire upper or lower teeth replacement on just 4 implants, they need to have very healthy bone to fuse into. Otherwise, the implants will likely fail.

Tips for determining your eligibility

  • Review your 3D CT Scan X-Rays. This will help give you a better look at the state of the bone within your jaws.
  • Verify if you have enough bone volume in the front of your jaw. Some dentists use this procedure as a catch-all method. Asking this question may help with determining if that’s the right course of action.
  • Know if you have enough bone volume above your molar. If you have sufficient bone at the front and back of your jaw, traditional implants are likely the best option for you.

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