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Advancement of Dental Implants with Digital Dental Practice

The evolution in the field of dentistry is undoubtedly phenomenal. One of its sub field known as implantology keeps on upgrading year after year as evidenced by the amazing reviews from patients who experienced the convenience it can bring. One procedure which has astounded countless individuals would be those dental implants installed through digital dental practice. For example, digital dental implants from DDSS became famous in Sydney because of their technology.

Nowadays, more and more individuals would opt for dental implants instead of those traditional crowns, knowing that through the assistance of digital dental practice, they would get better results. In fact, dental implants are known to have more benefits in comparison to other restoration procedures, though they are more expensive.

The Perfect Smile

Dental implant may look like one small artificial tooth. But the procedure that involves the preparation, the installation and finishing touches takes a lot of time and effort. Fortunately with the help of digital technology, the dentist in Castle Hill, NSW at Beyond Infinity Dental can allow the patient to have a glimpse of how the implant would look like once the procedure is done.

Digital dental implant involves not just the dentist but an engineer as well. A computer-generated image of an implant will be created based on the patient’s features. Upon generating the image, it can be improved through some adjustments and according to the requirements of the patient.

Creating the Digital Dental Implant

A great feature of dental implant through digital dental practice is that it is produced based on the patient’s impression. This will be shown in a computer with a wide range of variations on how the tooth or teeth would look like. A digital image of the patient’s mouth will also be generated

As mentioned above, the advancement of Dentistry is phenomenal because of so many things that digital dental practice can provide. Aside from dental implants, the technology can also work with upgraded restorations. This means that digital dental practice can also manage complicated dental issues but can still provide the same natural outcomes.

 Digital Dental Implant vs the Traditional Type

Today, there are still many people who prefer the traditional type over digital dental implant with the most common reason that the latter is far more expensive than the former. But what these individuals failed to realize is that the cost is a minor factor to consider compared to the results it can guarantee. Technically speaking, digital dental implant is the most recommended procedure.

When dealing with digital dental implant, it’s not just about the cost. We’re talking about the benefits that aren’t available on other alternatives. Such benefits include:

  • High precision standards
  • More natural looking than ever
  • Shortest duration of procedure
  • Most optimized functional denture
  • Extremely minimized level of discomfort

Imagine a procedure of the typical dental implant which can take around two hours. The digital dental implant procedure will only take around 30 minutes. That guarantees a more comfortable procedure and a faster recovery period. Ultimately, you’ll realize that you’ve saved more in the long run!

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